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With Social Media Comes Social Change

The reliance on social media and mobile alerts is growing when it comes to recovery after disasters and supporting other causes. Not only is social media marketing good for small business, but it can also be implemented into fundraising and donation events. It’s as easy as sending a text message to make a difference these days with the impact of digital media. A whole new generation is feeling the impact of the ability to help others in their own way. In the digital age, nobody wants to fill out anything by hand, or send something in the mail. Digital media and social media allows for the younger generation to be a part of the action more easily and accessibly.

Donation through social media is as simple as donating $1 for every “like” on an organization’s Facebook page. Giving through social media is low commitment, and doesn’t require anyone to even leave the comfort of their computer chair or couch. There is little physical action that is required, making it extremely easy for people to feel connected to a cause. Not only does social media make it easy to donate, but it provides a platform for everyone to talk about the cause and share their own information about it. Similarly to catching up with old friends on Facebook, the donors can feel connected with the cause through it’s group.

People are engaging in online social communities like crazy these days and the increase in charitable giving for small and medium size businesses is no surprise (see below). Non-profits are now getting an opportunity to contend with bigger organizations because of social media marketing. Social media has opened the gates for mission focused organizations to expand their reach into new audiences, which both in the present the future makes a huge difference.

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