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Understanding Twitter- Jabbrag: A Denver Social Media Marketing Agency

What would you say to an audience of 140 million?

It surprises me how often people will say they don’t understand Twitter. While Facebook offers a variety of different actions that a user can execute, Twitter is the exact opposite. It’s simply a micro-blogging social network site. Basically, as a Twitter user you get 140 characters to convey a message. That’s it.

If you’re thinking to yourself that what I described above doesn’t sound like something your company needs to explore, consider some facts (source):

  • Twitter now has more than 140 million active users, sending 340 million tweets every day
  • Twitter users send over a billion tweets every 72 hours
  • Twitter should see 250 million active users by the end of 2012

Beyond the social media work I do for Jabbrag, I have been a social media addict for many years now. I’ve been actively using Twitter since 2009, when I started utilizing the social media website to drive traffic to articles I had written as the Denver Indie Rock Examiner. As I became more familiar with the nuances of Twitter (such as hashtagging and @mentions), I saw noticeable increases in the amount of traffic that was directed to my Examiner articles. My interactions on Twitter as the Denver Indie Rock Examiner also helped me gain free access to concerts and opportunities to interview many musicians.

Even when I discontinued writing as the Denver Indie Rock Examiner, I maintained my presence on Twitter by promoting content I wrote for other media outlets, connecting with people I shared similar interests with, and staying in touch with long distance friends. To this day, I am still afforded opportunities that I otherwise would have missed had it not been for Twitter. For instance, I met a vintage clothing reseller who I bought an immaculate 1960s royal blue wiggle dress from and as our friendship developed (due entirely to conversations we had on Twitter & Facebook), she became the person I entrusted most to help me find the vintage dress of my dreams to wear to my wedding.

From a business perspective, the opportunities for establishing meaningful connections, serving customers’ needs (83% of people who complained on Twitter loved the company’s response, source), and generating leads (34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, source) are plentiful. Beyond that, businesses can utilize Twitter for branding, marketing, staying current, offering specials/promotions, keeping an eye on competitors, and building brand loyalty.

So with 11 Twitter profiles being created EVERY SECOND (source) and with access to all of those millions of users, what would you say to your audience? What is holding your business back from establishing a presence on Twitter?  If you have questions on the use of Twitter for your business, feel free to contact Jabbrag.  As a Denver Social Media Marketing Agency, we take pride in helping businesses get the best results possible from all of their Social Media assets.

If you missed my blog post about Understanding Facebook or Understanding Pinterest, I would be much obliged if you read through it and shared your thoughts.

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